Dutch start-up Deeploy is putting 'transparency and explainability' in to AI as it raises €2.5 million

The Utrecht-based oversight software platform will further build its platform and keep up with future EU regulation around AI to best support its clients through explainable methods
Dutch start-up Deeploy is putting 'transparency and explainability' in to AI as it raises €2.5 million

Dutch start-up Deeploy is an oversight software platform which allows machine learning model deployments in a transparent and explainable way. This company has just raised a €2.5 million funding round which will see the platform expand its offering and keep up to date with future European AI legislation.

The start-up was founded in 2020 by Maarten Stolk (CEO), Bastiaan van de Rakt (CCO), Tim Kleinloog (CTO), and Nick Jetten (CMO), to help companies implement machine learning models safely and responsibly - using AI applications 'without compromising on transparency, control, and compliance'. 

"AI applications are dynamic and often self learning, which yields the risk of becoming black boxes to end users. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the development of AI, as well as keeping AI-driven business operations explainable with the help of so-called explainability methods, for example towards customers in the context of compliance,” says Stolk.

Exiting investor Curiosity once more joined the round which includes SI3, Bonsai Partners, impact investor Emilia Capital and angel investor Anton Loeffen. 

“With the arrival of AI applications such as the latest version of ChatGPT, we see that the need for explainability and transparency is becoming increasingly loud in society,” says Pieter Oostlander, co-founder and partner of the Shaping Impact Group, under which the SI3 Fund operates. “Because AI learns from human input, human biases can potentially be reproduced. If that happens, artificial intelligence can actually exacerbate inequality in society, especially when those affected are simply dismissed with the statement 'computer says no.'" 

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