Germany's Q.Big 3D raises €2 million to aid the launch of its Queen 1 large-format printer

The Queen 1 is an economical printer that uses plastic pellets and features patented technology allowing the use of two nozzles - it has already printed side doors for helicopter cockpits
Germany's Q.Big 3D raises €2 million to aid the launch of its Queen 1 large-format printer

A spin-out of Aalen University Q.Big 3D, was founded in 2019. The start-up specialises in large-format 3D printing. It has raised €2 million which will aid the launch of its large-format printer, the Queen 1.

The Queen 1 is a XXXL printer is described as ‘economical’ as it uses plastic pellets. It contains the Q.Big 3D patented technology which allows the use of two nozzles in the printing process. ‘One nozzle is used for fast, high-volume printing and one for applying fine surfaces and structures’.

Counting companies like Voith, Kärcher and John Deere, Q.Big 3D's sees it potential in the 'rail and commercial vehicle industry, in shipbuilding, aerospace, mechanical engineering, architecture, and construction, as well as in the exhibition stand construction and building technology business'. In its Beta phase the Queen 1 printed side doors for helicopter cockpits. 

The Aalen-based company’s funding round was led by HZG Group and includes existing investor Manz AG and personal investment from Manz-founder Dieter Manz.

"In the field of additively manufactured large components, Q.Big 3D's technology covers a very broad spectrum from prototypes, design and functional samples to spare parts, operating equipment and end products. We are thrilled by the potential range of applications because this is exactly where the classic advantages of 3D printing are effectively merged with a short and tool-less process chain to manufacture large components. We are excited about the next steps we will take together with the team and its Queen 1," says Kerstin Herzog, founder and managing director of HZG Group.

"Compared to alternative processes such as milling, laminating or casting, we enable a significantly shorter lead-time for the production of components at a lower price. For example, one customer confirms a lead-time reduction of 70 percent and a cost reduction of at least 30 percent. With this customer feedback and HZG Group as an investor at our side, we are very confident about the market launch. Following the R&D phase, we are now set for growth," says Katja Herrmann, co-founder of Q.Big 3D. 

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