Dripl's 'refillution' aims to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles by 2030

Belgian startup Dripl secures €2.15M to expand its 'refillution' across Europe, aiming to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles and cans by 2030 through its sustainable vending machines.
Dripl's 'refillution' aims to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles by 2030

Belgian startup Dripl has secured €2.15 million in growth capital to strengthen its footholds in Belgium and the Netherlands as week as press forward with what the company is terming its 'refillution' across Europe. The investment is comprised of both equity and convertible loans and arrives via Faraday VP, The Source (Spadel Group), and existing angel investors, including GreenPark Investments founding partner Wim Vernaeve, Eat More Trees founder Jonas Mallisse, and Foodbag CEO Stéphane Ronse.

Dripl refill point.
Dripl refill point. Photo: Uncredited

Of the total 1.68 billion litres of beverages consumed in Belgium alone, annual soft drink consumption averages 1.4 billion litres, contributing to approximately 930 million plastic bottles and 2 billion cans of waste. 

Now counting over 200 customers, Dripl has been offering a health-conscious shift away from traditional sodas through its refill points since 2021. The service aids companies in curbing waste and lessening their carbon footprint. According to the company, Dripl's vending machines, which chill, infuse flavor, and carbonate tap water, have already prevented more than 2.5 million disposable packages from circulation. Ultimately, Dripl aims to eliminate the need for and circulation of 1 billion plastic bottles and cans by 2030. 

"In Europe, an enormous growth potential lays due to the average consumer actively seeking sustainable alternatives, and regulations playing a significant role in this as well," commented Dripl co-founder and CEO Colin Deblonde. "Take, for example, the measure in the Netherlands, to ban all disposable packaging in offices. We can see from the demand that many employers want to transition to a healthy work environment and reduce their footprint without compromising on benefits for employees."

Lead image: Dripl Team. Source: Uncredited

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