Amsterdam-based Tidalflow raises $1.7M to compete in AI plugin market

Amsterdam-based startup Tidalflow has raised $1.7 million. Its platform aids software firms in developing LLM-compatible products.
Amsterdam-based Tidalflow raises $1.7M to compete in AI plugin market

Making a splash with a $1.7 million fundraise Amsterdam-based Tidalflow has launched. The startup is ready to compete in the race for the crown of AI plugins, as OpenAI, Google and Microsoft head the line-up. Tidalflow's plugin lifecycle platform gives software firms the opportunity to ‘develop, test, monitor and monetise an instance of their product to be compatible with LLMs’. AI for all!

“Much like the iPhone ushered in a new era for mobile-friendly software in 2007, we’re now at a similar inflection point, namely for software to become LLM-compatible,” said Sebastian Jorna, CEO and co-founder of Tidalflow. “Tidalflow serves as a catalyst to this new supercycle by providing an end-to-end platform for businesses to create, test and manage that LLM-instance of their product.” 

The funding round was co-led by Gradient Ventures and Dig Ventures and included participation from Antler. The funds will be used to further develop Tidalflow's platform. 

"Traditional software is deterministic; it follows a set of rules. LLMs, by contrast, produce stochastic or unpredictable outputs," said Ross Mason Founding Partner at Dig Ventures. "This necessitates a new kind of infrastructure to establish reliability, and Tidalflow's robust testing environment as part of their end-end platform bridges this gap."

Lead image: via Tidalflow. Photo: Uncredited. 

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