Middle East conflict is “horrible” and could drive a new inflation scare, says Zopa boss

UK fintech lender Zopa CEO Jaidev Janardana discusses the company's latest developments and the ramifications of the current Middle East conflict and its possible impact on the world of finance.
Middle East conflict is “horrible” and could drive a new inflation scare, says Zopa boss

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is “horrible” and will “continue to create concerns” across the world, including the investment community, according to Jaidev Janardana, CEO of UK fintech lender Zopa.

The CEO pointed out that the Middle East was where the world gets a lot of its oil from.


Janardana said:

“What happens in the Middle East? It’s hard to predict.  I am assuming there will be concerns about the conflict spreading and thus putting pressure on oil prices again, driving a new potential inflation scare.

“There is, of course, the tremendous humanitarian cost of what is happening there and what does that do to the West’s ability to support the war in Ukraine? And it’s still a very rapidly developing situation.

“There are many potential scenarios where this can go, where this can get worse. And when that happens, then investors tend to be careful with their money and they like to put that in cash, rather than in stocks.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Janardana talks about some of the high points for Zopa this year, including topping one million customers and crossing £3 billion in deposits.

In 2023, Zopa underwent two fundraising rounds, amid a challenging funding landscape.

But Janardana said the two £75 million funding rounds “were not that hard”, owing he said to Zopa’s growth and customer demand for its products.

The fintech boss also touched on whether market conditions had improved to the extent that Zopa would likely soon IPO; the potential launch of new products; and its relationship with investor SoftBank.

Lead image: Jaidev Janardana. Photo: uncredited.

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