Quantum Systems raises €63.6M Series B becoming the first European company to raise over €100M on dual-use tech

The AI-powered drone robotics company is leading in aerial data intelligence for commercial and defense sectors.
Quantum Systems raises €63.6M Series B becoming the first European company to raise over €100M on dual-use tech

Today Munich AI-powered drone robotics company Quantum Systems announced the successful completion of its €63.6 million Series B funding round.

This brings the total funding for the Munich-based drone manufacturer to over €100 million. 

HV Capital and DTCP are leading the investment, followed by Project A, Thiel Capital, ScaleUp Fonds Bayern, Omnes Capital, and Airbus Ventures

Conflicts, disasters, and dependencies on foreign suppliers around the globe have tremendously increased the need for robust systems that give commercial and governmental customers a decisive data advantage, either in the business world or on the battlefield.

Quantum Systems is at the forefront of unmanned aerial system (UAS) development as an aerial data intelligence company, specialising in multi-sensor data collection drones for government agencies and commercial customers.

The company recently secured a significant contract with the German Armed Forces for Vector reconnaissance drones, strengthening European security. Partnering with Airbus Defence and Space, backed by the German Ministry of Defense, Quantum Systems advances tactical drones with AI and swarming technologies. 

It continues to support Ukraine through multiple deliveries of Vector drones, driving innovations in AI capabilities, endurance, and further system architecture integrations to the battle management systems.

Quantum Systems addresses both commercial and defence markets. It transforms business operations, enhancing efficiency across diverse verticals, from agriculture to mining, inspection, and construction.

Quantum Systems drone use in Ukraine. Photo: Uncredited.

Quantum Systems also extends its expertise to democratic governments, where the need for aerial data-driven operations becomes paramount. Providing aerial intelligence in real-time is not merely a strategic choice but a decisive edge, enabling market growth precisely where Quantum Systems stands uniquely positioned with its cutting-edge products and visionary roadmap.

Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum Systems, shared: 

"In the face of ever-evolving global challenges, Quantum Systems recognises the need for a bottom-up flexible approach.

This approach fosters innovation and adaptability, enabling Europe to sustain its democratic values while embracing disruptive technologies that drive progress."

According to Christian Saller, General Partner, HV Capital: 

"We are excited to back Quantum Systems' vision for global leadership in AI-powered drone-robotics. The team has showcased their ability to sustain a technological advantage.

We look forward to working with the team as they expand their product offering."

Uwe Horstmann, General Partner, Project A Ventures shared: 

Recent geopolitical events have made it crystal clear that we as venture capital investors can no longer afford to ignore the complexities of defence technology, which includes dual-use concepts with multiple applications.

We're proud to support Quantum Systems in becoming a major dual-use player that strengthens European and Western tech resilience."

Lead image: Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum Systems. Photo: Uncredited. 

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