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Explore your entrepreneurial side with CASSINI Challenges

The CASSINI Challenges is your one-stop destination, whether you're an experienced innovator or just starting out, to enter the space downstream industry.
Explore your entrepreneurial side with CASSINI Challenges

In today's rapidly changing world, space has become an exciting frontier for generating revenues. When people hear "space business," they usually think of rocket launches and control rooms. However, there are many opportunities within the space industry that go beyond these initial impressions. 

Fiammetta Diani, the head of the EUSPA Market, Downstream & Innovation Department, succinctly describes the potential of space technology, stating:

"Thanks to the data from satellites, including Earth Observation, satellite navigation, and satcom, we can develop various applications that can benefit millions of people right here on Earth."

Downstream space entrepreneur?

So, what is a "downstream space entrepreneur"?

Simply put, it's anyone from any sector who uses space data to innovate and improve their business. It could be a startup using Earth Observation data to monitor the environmental impact of tourism, or a drone operator using secure satellite navigation services to deliver essential first aid products.

Diani emphasises that downstream space entrepreneurs are in a unique position to find solutions to previously unsolved problems and enjoy the rewards of being early players in this exciting field.

But how can you, as an entrepreneur or startup, get into this fascinating field? 

The answer lies in EUSPA's CASSINI Challenges! You can apply today!

CASSINI Challenges

Previously known as the #myEUspace competition, the CASSINI Challenges is your one-stop destination, whether you're an experienced innovator or just starting out, to enter the space downstream industry.

This competition challenges innovators to create cutting-edge solutions to address some of today's most urgent societal issues using satellite data and services from Galileo and Copernicus. And the incentive? A significant cash prize pool of €1 million to take your solution to the next level.

The CASSINI Challenges consist of three thematic challenges and three tracks, customised to the maturity of the proposed solution, making it accessible to a wide range of innovators:

  • Next Generation Challenge: Innovators are encouraged to use Galileo and Copernicus data to create solutions that improve the well-being, safety, security, and connectivity of EU citizens.

  • Sustainable Future Challenge: Participants are asked to develop innovative solutions for ecosystem conservation, sustainable agriculture, and efficient energy and resource management.

  • Emerging Technologies Challenge: Innovators must come up with groundbreaking solutions by combining EU space data with cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Quantum technologies (quantum computing, sensing, simulation, encryption, etc.), Blockchain technology, and Extended Reality, including the Metaverse (Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR)).

During the competition, EUSPA Market Development experts will offer valuable guidance through dedicated webinars.

Participants will also gain access to a wealth of tools and publications providing valuable space information generated by EUSPA, including the EUSPA EO and GNSS Market Report and the EU Space For Green Transformation report, among others.

The CASSINI Challenges are open to teams from the EU27 plus Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland.

Apply today

If you're a soon-to-be-entrepreneur, startup, or already well-established company with a vision to use space technology for innovation and transformation, the CASSINI Challenges are your gateway to making your mark in the world of space downstream entrepreneurship.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to turn your ideas into reality and become a space downstream pioneer.

Apply today and let your entrepreneurial journey take off with CASSINI Challenges!

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