Arm Holdings acquires minority stake in Raspberry Pi

Arm Holdings acquires a minority stake in Raspberry Pi, strengthening their IoT-focused partnership that began in 2008.
Arm Holdings acquires minority stake in Raspberry Pi

Softbank-owned Arm Holdings and Raspberry Pi have jointly announced a significant development in their longstanding collaboration. The former has acquired a minority stake in the latter, aimed at strengthening their ongoing partnership.

While the Internet of Things hasn’t exactly been a hot topic of late, this move from Arm and Raspberry Pi could in fact, signal a long-term real-world local IOT play, and one certainly of benefit to IoT developers everywhere. And from this author's perspective, what better way to become a/the supplier of choice?

As the demand for edge computing continues to surge, driven primarily by increasingly complex IoT and AI applications, Raspberry Pi's cost-effective, high-performance computing solutions are, and arguably have been for quite some time, the go-to solutions for both individuals and businesses worldwide. 

This investment solidifies a partnership that initially took root in 2008, resulting in the creation of numerous popular Arm-based Raspberry Pi products, catering to both cottage industry enthusiasts and commercial developers alike. 

Raspberry Pi's latest flagship product, the Raspberry Pi 5, was made available at the end of October.

On the partnership Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton commented:

“Arm technology has always been central to the platforms we create, and this investment is an important milestone in our longstanding partnership.

“Using Arm technology as the foundation of our current and future products offers us access to the compute performance, energy efficiency and extensive software ecosystem we need, as we continue to remove barriers to entry for everyone, from students and enthusiasts, to professional developers deploying commercial IoT systems at scale.”

Lead image: Photo by Harrison Broadbent

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