STATION F releases Future 40 list

STATION F, the world's largest startup campus, reveals its Future 40 list highlighting the top 4 percent performing companies under its roof and wings.
STATION F releases Future 40 list

Today, Parisian startup campus STATION F has released its coveted Future 40 list, highlighting the most promising companies housed under its roof. The 40 startups are hand-selected, based on metrics and/or major milestones, with this fifth edition being powered by cloud-based data storage and analytics service provider Snowflake. 

Working with approximately 1,000 startups per year, Xavier Niel-founded STATION F heartily holds the title of the world’s largest startup campus. In so much, the Future 40 list represents the top 4 percent of the cohort.

“Future 40 has represented leading startups from day one. In 2022 we became a long-term partner and started investing in some of the companies, and we will continue to strengthen our commitment to leading companies on campus." — Marwan Elfitesse, Head of Startups Programs & Business Services at STATION F.

In order to retain focus on early-stage companies, in order to be considered in the four previous editions of the Future 40 list, companies could have raised not more than €1 million. Acknowledging the ever-shifting climate of investor appetite, or not, as well as making way for certain situations faced by deeptech outfits, this restriction has been lifted.

Previous companies named to STATION F’s Future 40 list include Interstellar Lab, Fintecture, DFNS, Sifflet, and Big Blue, and have attracted support from prestigious investors including Runa Capital, Accel Partners, HenQ, White Star Capital, Coinbase, EQT, RTP Global and others. 

The STATION F Future 40 2023 companies:

Bitstack: Bitstack is the easiest way to save and invest in bitcoin in Europe. Users get started by rounding up their purchases and investing the spare change in bitcoin, and then can buy, sell, earn, and spend bitcoin directly in the app. 

Differs: Differs centralises predictive AI solutions for retailers. Designed for business users, our solutions enable retailers with limited data science capabilities to predict customers behavior for optimal decision making. 

Flippit: Flippit is a GenAI startup helping brands and IP-holders connect with digital-native audiences. 

Magma: Magma is a solution that allows you to easily connect your candidates with your ambassadors. Boost your recruitment performance and let your candidates immerse themselves in your environment. 

WeatherMind: WeatherMind is an AI-powered software that helps insurers and loss adjusters automate damage assessment on houses affected by natural disasters. 

Argil: Argil empowers teams with skilled AI teammates that collaborate with them on their projects. 

Beavr: Beavr automates CSR compliance and streamlines associated operations. Kolverr: Kolverr is the best career platform for the green workforce. 

Nopli: Nopli is a white-label technological and operational solution that enables brands to launch their second-hand offer. It works as a branded CtoC marketplace accessible directly on brands' websites that maximizes value and experience of every stakeholder.

Scienta Lab: Scienta Lab is a deeptech company using artificial intelligence to transform pharmaceutical R&D in immunology and inflammation. With its unique and proprietary foundation model, Scienta Lab accelerates the discovery of new therapeutic targets and the development of personalized treatments to fill the unmet medical needs of more than 400 million patients worldwide. 

Chift: Chift helps SaaS vendors to unleash the power of integrations: one single integration with Chift API to connect to most European software. 

Dsflow: Dsflow is a modern Energy Portfolio Management SaaS. We help energy buyers, producers and traders from enterprise organizations consolidate their energy market positions and monitor their financial risks in real time. 

Exwayz: Exwayz develops a unique and innovative positioning software solution for mobile robotics based on real-time 3D LiDAR data processing. We give mobile robots a safe way for their autonomous missions, in any kind of environments. 

Optimiz Construction: Optimiz Construction is a solution to optimize the cutting and laying of materials to save time, money, and CO2. 

Qeels: Qeels is a viral machine on TikTok. We've built the new standard in a fully automated, performance-based platform that connects next-generation creators with brands to reinvent influencer campaigns. 

Jitter: Jitter is a collaborative motion design tool on the web. We help designers create high-fidelity animations for their interfaces, videos, and marketing content, easily – it’s like Figma for motion design. 

Louise: Louise builds collaborative insight on human fertility, using privacy preserving technology and cutting edge AI. 
Monde Singulier: Monde Singulier is the number one marketplace of exclusive collectible designs from the world's leading designers and brands. 

Pimento: Pimento is the webspace where creative teams collaborate with AI to better conceive their projects. With personalized and secure AI based on the user’s references, Pimento generates innovative and relevant ideas with which users will interact through a seamless interface, to get better and faster inspirations for their creative projects. 

Spore.Bio: Spore.Bio develops a new generation of microbiological detection devices. Their AI-based proprietary technology detects bacteria on food, cosmetics and pharma samples within seconds while conventional methods takes up to 5 days. 

Explorz: Explorz is an exploration game with unpredictable experiences between the real and virtual world. 

Inclusive Brains: Inclusive Brains develops an assistive tech platform that improves everyone’s psychological and physical safety regardless of their abilities and condition: its proprietary generative AI, combined with brain sciences, enables machines and digital environments to be mind-controlled and to adapt to people’s emotional and cognitive states in real time. 

Motion Society: Motion Society provides content creators with a smart optimisation solution to adapt and distribute their videos across all social media platforms. An end-to-end solution that allows Content Creators to fully focus on content creation. 

Nelson: Nelson is a data-driven SaaS solution designed to help companies plan, deploy and operate the best electrification strategy for their car fleet. 

Flagcat: Flagcat is shaping the future of webtoons. 

Quack AI: Quack AI helps large software companies run like the most efficient open-source projects. Our AI-powered IDE extension guides developers through the best steps to make a smooth contribution, regardless of the team they're from. 

Yacon & Co: Yacon & co is a French company that sells the healthiest and most natural sugar alternative called yacon syrup. 

Sopht: Sopht, the 1st GreenOps platform to decarbonize corporate IT. 

ColibriTD: ColibriTD is building a Quantum as a service platform to help solve key humanity challenges. Democratizing access to transformative quantum technologies for all enterprises. 

Finegrain: Finegrain makes it dead simple to dynamically apply generative filters on top of your images, and track user engagement across all image variations. 

Rools: Rools is the compliance intelligence for the regulated industries. 

Tracklab: Tracklab is a B2B SaaS platform that empowers SMBs by streamlining their supplier management processes, ensuring they collaborate with dependable and secure partners. 

Carbonx: Carbonx is a Procurement platform for permanent carbon removal. 

Mindflow: Mindflow is a no code orchestration and an automation SaaS. We allow the users to create automated workflows orchestrating their tech stack without the need to code. 

Revyze: Revyze is on a mission to provide accessible, personalized education to anyone, anywhere in the world. We enable millions of students to learn better together through community-generated short-form videos. 

Flowie: Flowie is a multimodal SaaS platform designed to streamline B2B transactions by automating the invoicing and payment validation processes, especially in industries with complex validation processes due to non-recurrent revenue streams.

Kenko: Kenko is the first insurance that every employee can tailor to their health needs, at no extra cost. 

Reetags: Reetags is a solution that allows e-commerce merchants to broadcast videos with purchasable features. 

Stabler: Stabler offers state-of-the-art / industrial web scraping solutions for large companies, SMEs and solo entrepreneurs, as well as fully-managed solutions. You focus on data and value creation, we handle the extraction. 

Suzan AI: Suzan AI is the first European AI governance platform, helping companies deploy compliant and responsible AI. We automate up to 80 percent of the AI regulatory compliance burden and support the teams that will focus on the remaining 20 percent.

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