Algorithmiq's Aurora drug discovery platform validates scalable error mitigation at IBM Quantum Summit

Algorithmiq's platform results in greater measurement efficiency and faster computations within hours instead of decades.
Algorithmiq's Aurora drug discovery platform validates scalable error mitigation at IBM Quantum Summit

Today Algorithmiq, a Finnish scaleup developing quantum algorithms to solve the most complex problems in life sciences, revealed it has successfully run one of the largest scale error mitigation experiments to date on IBM’s hardware. 

In quantum computing, error mitigation techniques are designed to enable running algorithms in the presence of errors. They, however, typically become very runtime inefficient as the problem size and qubit numbers increase. 

Scalable error mitigation is at the core of Algorithmiq’s drug discovery platform, Aurora, and the company demonstrated its validity this week at IBM’s annual Quantum Summit.

The experiment was run with Algorithmiq’s proprietary error mitigation algorithms on the IBM Nazca, the 127 qubit Eagle processor, using 50 active qubits x 98 layers of CNOTS and thus a total of 2402 CNOTS gates. 

Algorithmiq’s state-of-the-art methods can recover the signal in regimes where some of the previous error mitigation methods struggled with significant improvements in measurement overhead, translating into much faster computations within hours instead of tens of years.
This builds the foundations necessary for applying quantum computation at scale, which will remain relevant along the path to the fault-tolerance era.
Professor Sabrina Maniscalco, Co-Founder and CEO of Algorithmiq said:

 “It’s a great honour to present this successful milestone with IBM’s team at the IBM Summit.

Today represents further validation that Algorithmiq’s core error mitigation techniques are powerful and will enable large-scale experiments on specific use cases leading us well into the quantum utility era for real commercial applications.

I’ve dedicated over 20 years of my life to studying noisy quantum systems, as a Professor, and I never thought this type of experiment would be possible so soon. Needless to say, I’m extremely excited about the goals we’ve set ourselves for 2024. Today’s results are just the beginning! 

The company has also worked with AstraZeneca, IBM, and the Hartree Centre on a novel approach suitable for studying proton transfer reactions that treat electrons and nuclei with the same quantum mechanics.

Combining the latter with Algorithmiq’s hardware-adapted fermion-to-qubit mapping and compilation algorithms drastically reduced the quantum hardware requirements compared to existing methods.

Algorithmiq ‘s novel measurement approach and state-of-the-art chemistry methods have enabled the team to secure up to $4.25 million from the Wellcome Leap to design new photon drug interactions in cancer prevention and treatment alongside their partners, IBM and Cleveland Clinic. The company has raised over €17.8 million.

Lead image: Fly:D.

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