Events industry specialist Rentman raises €20M, targets acquisitions

Rentman, a SaaS solutions provider for the events and media production industry, plans to use its €20 million investment to enhance product development and fund strategic acquisitions.
Events industry specialist Rentman raises €20M, targets acquisitions

Conferences, events, summits, whatever you want to call them, are essential to any industry. Whether it’s an industry-wide gathering such as the Summit, or a job role-specific gathering like ISACA’s Digital Trust World, these events serve as a common ground for learning, meeting, and networking.

Behind the curtain

But behind the glitz and glamour of the main stage, the dinners, or the parties is an entire army of event and media production professionals making the entire spectacle seem effortless. 

In so much, the entire production schedule can be somewhat of a logistics nightmare, specifically the management and oversight of both the people and the gear that makes the magic happen. So, so many spreadsheets. So many.

Stepping in to offer a better, more efficient, way of juggling the art of the event is Utrecht’s Rentman a host of SaaS solutions, specifically geared toward the events and media production industry.

Beyond bootstrapped

Bootstrapped since the company’s launch in 2015, you’d imagine that a company that caters specifically to an industry that depends upon in-person interactions might no longer be with us today.

And so today, Rentman’s announcement of a €20 million growth equity investment from Expedition Growth Capital, the company’s first-ever onboarding of external capital should be given a particularly noteworthy nod. 

Having weathered the storm and now armed with €20 million, Rentman says that the capital will be used to not only press forward with product developments but also to make strategic acquisitions in its specialist field.

As the company name implies, one of the services Rentman has on offer is the rental and tracking of production equipment, a service neighbouring Gent-based Cheqroom also provides.

On the investment and future plans, Rentman CEO and founder Roy van den Broek shared:

“This investment marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Rentman. We believe that events and media production professionals deserve incredible software, and we are proud that our platform enables our users to deliver unforgettable productions.

“We see increasing demand across North America, Europe and our other key regions, and the capital and specialist partnership from Expedition will allow us to accelerate our plans.”

According to the company, last year saw in excess of one million projects delivered via its platform, ranging from corporate live-streaming broadcasts to wedding celebrations to music festivals and blockbuster film productions, serving 250,000 users in over 100 countries globally.

Lead image: via Rentman. Photo: Uncredited.

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