Harriet, the AI assistant transforming HR teams gets £1.2M funding boost

Harriet cleans company documentation and removes distracting micro requests from overstretched People teams.
Harriet, the AI assistant transforming HR teams gets £1.2M funding boost

Today HR AI startup Harriet announced it has raised a £1.2 million Pre-Seed round

Harriet is the first AI tool to deliver a ‘full stack’ offering to HR teams by scanning and cleaning up their company documentation, before being deployed to individual employees to act as their personal AI assistant.

Harriet starts by scanning all existing organisational policies and documents to understand what’s currently in place, what’s missing, and where duplicate or conflicting information exists. It then helps them clean up their data, creating the right foundations for deploying additional AI.

The software then sits on top of this clean data and information to become a personal HR assistant for every employee.

Accessed via Slack and plugged into other interfaces such as Google Drive, Notion, Xero, HiBob, BambooHR and Zapier. This means, regardless of where information is stored, staff can make HR requests and source the information they need without leaving Slack.

Harriet can book staff leave, update them on company policies, find relevant documents, source payslips, and signpost them to support services, with answers tailored to the location of a specific employee. 

This removes a large volume of distracting “micro requests” from overstretched People teams, enabling them to focus on higher-value, more meaningful actions around culture, compensation and training.

The technology is powered by a Large Language Model, with multiple interlocking and cross-checking AIs built into the system to safeguard privacy, truthfulness and accuracy.

Cecily Motley, CEO of Harriet, comments:

“One of the main blockers to AI adoption for companies is the state of their knowledge bank. It’s a familiar story - multiple versions of policies saved in different places that are forgotten until someone needs them.

As organisations look to take advantage of AI solutions, and as teams begin to expect instant access to information and support, it’s vital to ensure tools lay the right foundations as well as unlock efficiencies. 

That’s why Harriet has been designed to clean up data, get companies onto the right track, and then offer the daily assistance staff and People teams are looking for.”

The funding is led by Concept Ventures, and backed by Frontline Ventures, Portfolio Ventures, and Notion Capital.
Oliver Kicks, Partner at Concept Ventures, who led the round, comments:

“Cecily and David are serial entrepreneurs who know how to build products people want to buy. They’re a tenacious, creative duo who have built something that truly adds value.

We’re excited to join them on this journey and can’t wait to see their innovation make the world of work better for thousands.”

Lead image: Harriet co-founders Cecily Motley and David Buxton. Photo: Uncredited.

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