Quesma's novel database gateway raises $2.3M Pre-Seed funding

Quesma is developing a novel database gateway, bringing developer benefits similar to breaking the monolith into microservices. 
Quesma's novel database gateway raises $2.3M Pre-Seed funding

This week, database gateway company Quesma announced a $2.3 million Pre-Seed funding round co-led by Heartcore and Inovo

Quesma aims to help customers innovate faster by reshaping how applications are built and connected to their database. 

Its first product targets customers facing challenges with the ELK stack (Elastic, Logstash, Kibana). 

Founders Jacek Migdal and Pawel Brzoska are veterans of the observability industry, with first-hand experience with many companies' struggles with databases. 

The DB outages are among the most painful, which lead to conservative approaches that stiff innovation. Leveraging data can be a critical competitive advantage, yet typical enterprise data architecture is not ready for agile fast-paced innovation. 

According to Jacek Migdał, Quesma's CEO: 

"Too frequently, companies are burned with legacy maintenance, the wrong tool for the job and data cleaning instead of producing business value. 

Their data is not ready to take advantage of recent LLM advances. The typical enterprise data migration is a multi-year effort with a massive percentage of failures and cost overruns. We want to change that."

Existing databases often fall short, necessitating dedicated platforms for success. The amount of changes, experimentation, and quick iterations without risking existing business will be crucial for those who want to achieve satisfactory results faster than the competition.

Quesma will introduce a novel database gateway, bringing benefits similar to breaking the monolith into microservices. 

This will allow CTOs to switch applications and databases, future-proofing the whole stack.

The company's first release is planned for 2024, providing flexibility to the ElasticSearch/OpenSearch interface. Quesma will launch as an open-core product, meaning everyone can use it independently. 

While Heartcore and Inovo co-led this investment, they have yet to close their angel round. 

According to Christian Jepsen, Partner at Hearcore: 

"We are happy to join the team at Quesma on their journey to redefine how applications and databases interconnect.

Jacek and Pawel have an exciting technology vision and are assembling a strong team to take on the challenge."

Tomek Swieboda, Partner at Inovo, shared: 

"Joining forces with Quesma aligns perfectly with our mission to support ventures poised to redefine their industries.

Jacek and Paweł bring a wealth of experience in the data architecture space and a unique blend of skills.

Their vision and track record convinced us to co-lead this round, and we're excited to be part of their journey."

Lead image: Quesma founders Jacek Migdał and Paweł Brzoska. Photo: uncredited.

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