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Expertum delivers 99.98 percent accuracy in facial recognition

Face.Match.Expert from is a revolutionary, easily implemented, in-cloud search engine that ensures facial recognition accuracy at an unprecedented level of 99.98 percent.
Expertum delivers 99.98 percent accuracy in facial recognition

Facial recognition technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. It plays a crucial role in verifying identities at airports and corporate offices, authenticating users for banking and transactional services, and granting access to our personal devices like smartphones. 

This technology, powered by advanced AI and deep learning algorithms, underpins the functionality of vector facial recognition engines. These engines are pivotal in ensuring our security across various aspects of life. 

Consequently, a primary challenge facing the new technology sector is to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of systems dedicated to the detection, recognition, and cataloguing of facial features.

Lukasz Kowalczyk, co-founder of said:

Our ambition was to forge the leading facial recognition engine in the industry. With our extensive background in advanced technologies, we've crafted the quickest and most accurate system for facial detection and recognition, achieving an extraordinary accuracy level of 99.98 percent. 

"Additionally, it's designed to manage 1,000 requests simultaneously. We are proud to offer this innovative tool as a SaaS solution, complete with a user-friendly API integration option.

Limitless in-cloud storage, GDPR compliance

In a crowded field of facial recognition technologies, Face.Match.Expert emerges as a leader with its highly accessible API, tailored for easy adoption by programmers of all levels, including beginners.

Additionally, thanks to the proprietary innovations from, the engine boasts an almost limitless database capacity. Thanks to that, adding and searching a photo database with hundreds of millions of pictures is super easy and hassle-free.

Face.Match.Expert also boasts another crucial feature: strict compliance with GDPR regulations. understands the importance of securing sensitive biometric data and rigorously abides by GDPR norms to protect user privacy. 

This means no personal data, including photographs, is ever kept on servers in its original format. As a result, Face.Match.Expert is suitable for even the most stringent service requirements.

Accessible tool, ready to use

With Face.Match.Expert's user-friendly API, building and analysing photo collections for facial recognition becomes a breeze. Faces are efficiently indexed, enabling rapid database searches for identifying matches. This all occurs in mere milliseconds, boasting a remarkable 99.98 percent accuracy level.

Ready to elevate your facial recognition capabilities with unmatched accuracy and user privacy? Visit now to learn more about Face.Match.Expert and bring the future of facial recognition technology to your doorstep.

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