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Face.Match.Expert: Blazingly quick face recognition technology

A new AI-powered engine from revolutionises photo searches, swiftly recognising and indexing faces in milliseconds across unlimited collections.
Face.Match.Expert: Blazingly quick face recognition technology

Not long ago, introduced Face.Match.Expert, showcasing its remarkable features, including an exceptional accuracy level of 99.98 per cent, the ability to handle 1,000 requests simultaneously, and a latency of just 0.1 milliseconds.

Face.Match.Expert has revolutionised the process of searching through an extensive database of photos for faces, indexing them, and determining their similarity. It now offers a faster and more precise solution compared to previous methods.

Denis Tatina, one of the co-founders of, emphasised:

"We are living in an AI-driven era where every industry must adopt innovative solutions to stay competitive. Face.Match.Expert may not be a new tool, but it outperforms the competition as a faster, more accurate, and cost-effective reverse facial search engine.

"Our search engine finds several uses, including but not limited to swiftly identifying banned users, preventing fraud through document verification, and enabling seamless event photo scanning, all with the added benefit of cloud-powered scalability for secure and adaptable biometric solutions.”

Efficiently spot banned users

Face.Match.Expert has the answer. Effortlessly navigate user-profiles and identify banned individuals trying to return to your platform using altered information. 

Rapid recognition system guarantees that even with modified details, the genuine identity behind the images is exposed, safeguarding the credibility of your user base.

Stay ahead of fraudulent attempts

Counteract fraudulent activities effectively with Face.Match.Expert. Detect counterfeit documents and thwart deceptive efforts by swiftly cross-referencing photos using lightning-fast recognition technology.

Whether it's an individual attempting to deceive your organisation or a recurrent offender, Face.Match.Expert guarantees the exposure of the real faces behind fraudulent activities, bolstering your organisation's security measures.

Swiftly identify participants in event photos

Look no further than Face.Match.Expert. Effortlessly browse through photos captured at running or biking events, swiftly identifying individuals with unmatched speed. 

Whether you're overseeing a large-scale event or a local gathering, our API streamlines the participant identification process, improving event management and photo distribution.

Explore the capabilities of Face.Match.Expert, an advanced AI face recognition technology boasting 99.98 per cent accuracy and rapid performance. Harness its potential for identifying banned users, fraud prevention, seamless event photo recognition and many others. Try it for free at today!

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