Freigeist Capital invests in BioThrust's bionic bioreactors

BioThrust's bionic bioreactors increase stem cell production at a lower cost than traditional methods.
Freigeist Capital invests in BioThrust's bionic bioreactors

This week sees Freigeist Capital invest a seven-figure sum in the RWTH Aachen Spin-Off BioThrust

BioThrust is a biotech company from Aachen founded in 2022 that specialises in developing a new kind of bioreactors. 

Most stem cell production is carried out in small batches to meet approved therapeutic requirements, making it costly and hard to scale. 

BioThrust's bionic bioreactors are designed to lower the costs of stem cell development and increase scale. Stem cell therapists are used in a variety of treatments for illnesses such as cancer, spinal cord injuries and Parkinsons' disease. 

BioThrust's bionic bioreactor includes an artificial lung, providing the ideal environment for stem cell growth and achieve higher cell concentrations and quality. 

According to Patrick Bongartz, CEO of BioThrust:

"Our goal is to provide a universal cell multiplication platform in which we achieve high concentrations of therapeutically active cells. This is a system that can be used from the fundamental development in the university clinic to the industrial producer."

Frank Thelen, CEO of Freigeist Capital, shared:

"BioThrust has the potential to give millions of people access to revolutionary stem cell therapies. We look forward to supporting the RWTH Aachen team with our experience in building up a globally relevant BioTech company."

The company aims to direct the funding towards growing its team and finding the right partners for pilot projects in the upcoming months. 

Lead image: The BioThrust team with CEO of Freigeist Capital, Frank Thelen. Photo: uncredited.

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