Product managers rejoice! Version Lens secures Pre-Seed funding for PM co-pilot

Version Lens acts as a junior PM that offloads operational and overhead tasks to free up time for strategic planning and product innovation.
Product managers rejoice! Version Lens secures Pre-Seed funding for PM co-pilot

Stockholm startup Version Lens announced today that it has raised a Pre-Seed round for their co-pilot for product managers. 

While DevOps and RevOps have helped teams work effectively, accelerate and scale, there’s been a gap in tools built for product managers. This means product teams, especially product managers, spend too much time on tasks that don’t contribute to the core of their job.  

Following first-hand experience with these frustrations building companies such as Krea, Virkesbörsen, and Freebee, the team at Version Lens is making the world’s first co-pilot for product managers.

It automates and streamlines tasks, extracting valuable insights from existing data and empowering product managers to focus on innovation and strategic planning instead of overhead. 

According to Fredrik Stockman, Co-Founder and CEO at  Version Lens: 

"Product development is the heart of any company, making it hard to understand why we haven’t seen the same rise of solutions dedicated to enabling product teams. 

After  all, anyone who’s been part of a product team knows that way too little time goes into building and too much into putting out fires, endless Slack threads, stand-ups, and  maintaining an ever-growing backlog.” 

People Ventures, Curiosity, and Pitchdrive lead today’s funding — the amount was not disclosed — which will support the team with its product roadmap and launch features throughout this spring.

Lead image: Version Lens. Photo: uncredited.

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