Greenerwave raises $15M to deploy its electromagnetic wave control technology

Greenerwave’s tech drastically improves the energy efficiency of equipment, making it more economical, more environmentally-friendly and less dependent on semiconductors.
Greenerwave raises $15M to deploy its electromagnetic wave control technology
European leader in electromagnetic wave control technology company Greenerwave announced today the closing of a €15 million fundraising round.
The French deeptech, spin-off from the Institut Langevin, an academic laboratory under the auspices of ESPCI Paris and CNRS, developed a breakthrough technology using reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) and algorithms to direct signal-carrying waves more effectively in real-time. 
The need for connectivity anytime, anywhere, is growing strongly, and critical decisions by companies, governments and organisations (military and non-governmental) are reliant on networks whose slightest interruption can cause security, financial and organisational damage.
Greenerwave addresses these crucial needs with an agnostic, cheap and easily-to-integrate solution without compromising performance.

The product — designed and manufactured in France — is a transmitting/receiving antenna for Satcom that ensures on-the-move communication, even in dead zones with little to no connectivity, without requiring more land-based infrastructures.

It can track the movement of LEO satellites to provide a high-speed, uninterrupted, low-latency connection.

The principle is similar to Elon Musk's Starlink antennas, except that Greenerwave provides a cheap, less energy-intensive and agnostic solution that democratises connectivity and, implicitly, Internet via satellite. It is also based on a material-light technology that requires few natural resources, reducing the dependence on semiconductors.

Simply put, like a mirror whose surface changes, its antenna steers electromagnetic waves on demand and in real-time while avoiding dispersion. It optimises the transmission and quality of wireless signals in three major areas: telecoms and terrestrial and non-terrestrial connectivity (satellites), radar imagery and IoT.
According to Geoffroy Lerosey, co-founder and CEO of Greenerwave:
"With its deep roots in fundamental scientific research, our breakthrough technology will fuel innovation in several sectors, such as connectivity, autonomous vehicles, aerospace or defence."
The company's first product is a flat antenna with electronic reconfiguration designed for the satellite communications market. 
More competitive and durable than existing satcom terminals, the antenna based on Greenerwave's RIS makes it possible to democratise satellite communications for new constellations or on-the-move applications by being more economical, lighter and less energy-consuming. It will be available for pre-order at the end of 2024. 
The funding comes from the Defence Innovation Fund, underwritten by the Defence Innovation Agency and managed by Bpifrance, Safran Corporate Ventures, Intelsat, BNP Paribas Développement and Plastic Omnium. 
"We are proud to support Greenerwave in this adventure," says Muriel Prudent, Investment Director at Bpifrance. 
"The technology's defence applications are very promising, as are those in several civilian sectors - as demonstrated by the presence of manufacturers alongside us.
If we add to this the environmental promise of significantly reduced energy consumption, the project led by Greenerwave fully meets the challenges supported by the Defence Innovation Fund and Bpifrance".
 Sébastien Weber, President of Safran Aerosystems and President of Safran Passenger Innovations shared: 
"By investing in Greenerwave, we have chosen a disruptive technology intending to create the next communications terminal for commercial aircraft.
We are convinced the Greenerwave solution will democratise satellite communications for new constellations by providing a multi-constellation and economically competitive solution."
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