Guided Energy secures $5.2M for EV fleet management optimisation

Sequoia and Dynamo Ventures co-lead $5.2 million investment into Guided Energy as it aims to optimise EV fleet management.
Guided Energy secures $5.2M for EV fleet management optimisation

Guided Energy, a Parisian startup focusing on the optimisation of EV fleet management, has raised $5.2 million in an investment round co-led by Sequoia and Dynamo Ventures.

In operation for just over a year, Guided Energy says the capital will be used to further fuel growth, with plans to onboard and expand a client roster that already includes Sixt and Addison Lee.

While we’ve seen a number of upstarts angling to be the one when it comes to EV charging networks and associated managers of said networks, the fleet management sector has remained relatively untapped. 

With the decline of the fossil fuels industry no longer a question, but a fact, and ever more government incentives and regulations in favour of electric vehicles being enacted, eyes are turning increasingly on fleets to play their role in decarbonisation efforts.

And for all its good intentions, the problem therein lies with a fragmented ecosystem. Whilst assembling a network of solutions provided by various competitors and suppliers, interoperability has been sidelined. This is where Guided Energy is stepping in to unite the clans that are EVs, on-site chargers, external charging networks and legacy fleet management systems, and provide end-to-end oversight.

Guided Energy co-founder and CEO Anant Kapoor further explains:

“Fleets have been digitising their processes for the last two decades, but electrification has added new systems and new data that is incompatible with their existing operations.

“By breaking these silos, fleets have a unified view across their entire EV operations, allowing them to use upcoming routes or jobs to schedule charging and real-time EV data to plan their dispatch and more.”

Presumably building upon his experience as head of product at, now Raft, Kapoor and Co. are pouring mountains of machine learning know-how into Guided Energy, resulting in, according to the company, savings of up to $10,000 per EV per annum.

Speaking to Guided Energy customer SIXT’s managing director Marc Aubrée, he offered:

“The need to electrify our fleet means that branches have to adapt the way they work to EVs, particularly when it comes to recharging.

“Guided Energy will optimise our use of charging infrastructure both on-site and on the road, enabling us to maximize utilisation over the course of a day, while embedding external charging solutions directly into our operations.”

Lead image: Guided Energy co-founders Anant Kapoor and Eric Daoud Attoyan. Photo: Two Dudes Photo.

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