Six fintechs reshaping Europe's financial ecosystem

From support for freelancers to helping people avoid credit defaulting, these fintechs should be on your radar.
Six fintechs reshaping Europe's financial ecosystem

Here at, we have access to an abundance of great fintechs improving the lives of both personal and enterprise customers.

They boost efficiency, alleviating persistent pain points. Many offer a unique opportunity to contribute to positive global change. But getting the word out as a young company is not always easy. 

So, here are some that deserve a place on your radar:

Sciencecard (UK)

Where banking meets science. Image: ScienceCard.

Science Card is an e-money account card provider on a mission to accelerate innovation in science and technology.

As a card, Science Card offers the usual benefits you'd get with a neo bank. A free card provides you with your own secure account number. You can pay anywhere with your Mastercard® debit card, send and receive money within seconds, and access intelligent vaults to organise your finances.

However, users can also make microgrants, and round up purchase amounts in a first-of-its-kind initiative. Last month it announced a research project on neurodegenerative diseases, in collaboration with UCL’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

Science Card successfully closed its pre-seed round in February 2023, and will be available to UK customers in early 2024.

Abillio (Latvia) 

Based on over a decade of experience, I can personally verify that dealing with cross-border payments, taxes, and all that jazz as a freelancer is a massive pain. I’m actually spending this weekend doing my taxes.

​​Abillio has developed a platform for freelancers, solopreneurs and independent contractors who want to run their business quickly and without administrative hurdles — by providing them with a legal entity and VAT number to invoice their cross-border customers. 

With Abillio, you don't need to establish a legal entity, open a business bank account or apply for VAT with Abillio's company-as-a-service solution, you can start your freelancing business right away.

FidoRent (Italy) 

Is your rent late because you’re waiting to get paid? FidoRent is a technology platform that operates in the real estate sector, making life easier for tenants and landlords, creating transparency and providing trust between all stakeholders involved.

FidoRent offers a rental payment management service that includes protection against defaulting tenants and immediate liquidity for landlords. 

Think of it like an intermediary between you and your faceless corporate landlord. The open banking platform can pay tenancy deposits, rental payments and utilities in advance, taking some of the stress out of the experience. 

PortF (UK)

Across the public, third and private sectors, organisations and programmes need to model the impacts of projects being considered, and once projects are operational, provide data on their impact. 

PortF overlays financial data and ESG/Impact data to give funders a holistic view of both the economic and social impact of a project throughout its lifecycle.

 It streamlines data collection from financials to ESG, analysis, and reporting, enabling data-driven decision-making for both parties.

EnergyShift (UK)

Image: Bill Mead.

EnergyShift is a blockchain-powered platform enabling citizens to jointly invest in and co-own solar farms. Users can choose their supplier and pre-purchase clean and renewable energy at a fixed price.

So far, over 1000 EU citizens have made a soft commitment to invest €3 million in total in solar energy projects. 

Credit Canary (UK) 

Credit Canary wants to make missing credit payments no longer a thing. It monitors the data points of active credit products and identifies scenarios where customers present an increased risk of missing their next payment. 

As a result, lenders can engage customers with personalised solutions that reduce the cost of default. This increases financial inclusion and creates better customer outcomes.

Lead image: Austin Distel.

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