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The Visionary Journey of Proxiad Group Through South East Europe's Tech Evolution

Explore insights from Proxiad Group's executive directors Eric Rozanes & Stephane Levy on their strategic outlook, integration of Health Tech, and future plans.
The Visionary Journey of Proxiad Group Through South East Europe's Tech Evolution

During this interview, you will gain valuable perspectives from Eric Rozanes and Stephane Levy, the visionary executive directors of Proxiad Group. They provide deep insights into their journey and strategic outlook, reflecting on Proxiad SEE's remarkable 18-year presence as the South East Europe division of the Group. This discussion highlights the crucial contributions of the two delivery centers in Bulgaria and North Macedonia and outlines the company's ambitious future trajectory.

By focusing on overcoming the challenges of integrating advanced technologies and Health Tech, and fostering an environment of innovation and inclusivity, they emphasize significant milestones for future development and the high priority placed on the team's well-being.

Eric Rozanes & Stephane Levy – Executive Directors of Proxiad Group

Can you share your impressions from your recent visit and what stands out after 18 years of Proxiad SEE's operation in the region?

Eric: Each visit reaffirms our choice to expand Proxiad in the SEE region. The exceptional talent pool, the vibrant tech ecosystem, and the cultural dynamism make South East Europe a unique place for our operations. The sector's growth here has solidified its status as a leading technology hub, providing a strong foundation for our company.

With the shift towards Health Tech and AI, how do you see Proxiad SEE evolving within this vision?

Stephane: We aim to be at the forefront of innovation, utilizing Proxiad SEE’s rich talent pool. Adapting to Health Tech and new technologies allows us to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market. We are expanding our expertise in these fields to stay ahead of trends and continue providing advanced solutions.

Can you elaborate on the specific milestones Proxiad SEE aims to achieve in the near future?

Eric: Looking ahead, our strategy is centered on several key objectives that align with our growth plan. We are focused on expanding our client base internationally, particularly by entering promising new market sectors. Furthermore, we aim to diversify our service offerings to meet evolving industry needs, focusing on areas such as Health Tech, Business Intelligence tools, Cloud Services, and Digital Transformation. Another key objective is to enhance our team's capabilities through targeted talent acquisition, especially in the niche domains aimed at growth, building resilience, ensuring sustainability, and fostering innovation within the IT Services sector.

What are the most significant challenges Proxiad SEE faces today?

Stephane: Facing the dynamic landscape of the tech industry, the organization navigates several critical challenges. The rapid pace of technological innovation means keeping up with the latest developments and integrating them into our service offerings is essential. This requires continuous learning adaptation and significant investments.

Establishing a strong presence in these areas while differentiating our services from competitors is a serious challenge. Moreover, the increasing cyber threats emphasize securing our operations and client data.

The tech industry faces growing regulatory requirements, particularly regarding data protection and privacy. Adapting to these regulations, which can vary across different markets, poses a challenge that impacts how we manage information and conduct business globally.

Can you describe Proxiad SEE's approach to partnerships and collaborations within the tech ecosystem?

Eric: We approach partnerships within the tech ecosystem with a strategic, collaborative mindset rooted in the meaning of our name. "Proxiad" is derived from the term "proximity," which signifies the state of being close to our clients in terms of understanding their needs, providing timely support, and maintaining a strong working relationship. This concept underpins our commitment to building not just transactional partnerships, but based on mutual respect, shared goals, and open communication.

Our formula for establishing excellent and long-lasting collaborations is straightforward: understand, engage, and evolve. Initially, we aim to deeply understand our partners’ needs, challenges, and objectives. This enables us to effectively participate by aligning our resources, technologies, and expertise to meet these needs. Lastly, we concentrate on advancing together, adapting to market and technological changes to ensure our partnerships remain relevant and robust.

Transparency, commitment, and continuous communication are pivotal to this approach. These elements help build trust and foster an environment where successful, enduring collaborations can thrive. By staying true to these principles, Proxiad SEE creates synergies within the tech ecosystem that benefit all parties involved.

How does Proxiad SEE prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion within its operations?

Stephane: We are dedicated to attracting a diverse range of talents and are committed to fostering an environment that offers everyone equal opportunities for growth. Our approach involves setting clear objectives to support professional advancement and ensuring effective communication between managers and employees through structured feedback and personalized training programs.

Leadership plays a crucial role in these efforts, establishing strategic goals that reflect our core values and implementing measures to track our success. Beyond our organization, we actively support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by engaging with different communities and partnering with a variety of organizations. Our goal is to enhance diversity within the tech industry and provide people from all backgrounds with access to technology careers.

As global awareness of environmental and social issues increases, how is Proxiad SEE integrating sustainable practices and corporate responsibility into its business model?

Eric: Sustainability is integral to our philosophy. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by optimizing energy use, promoting remote work, and implementing green office initiatives. Socially, we invest in community projects and education to give back to the society that has enabled our success.

Looking ahead, what message do you wish to convey to your team and stakeholders regarding the future?

Eric: The future holds endless possibilities for Proxiad SEE. We are excited about what lies ahead and confident in our collective effort to shape the future.

Stephane: We will continue working together to level up our vision into reality, leveraging our unity and determination for success.

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