Ironic biotech raises €1M for plant-based proteins high in iron

The foodtech startup wants to make a plant-based diet accessible for all.
Ironic biotech raises €1M for plant-based proteins high in iron

Swedish startup Ironic Biotech has raised €1M Pre-Seed for its plant-derived proteins that allow iron to be easily absorbed into the blood. Ironic’s proteins are produced through precision fermentation and are used as ingredients in food or food supplements. 

Many meat alternatives contain low levels of iron, which can be an obstacle to adopting a meat-free diet for those living with iron deficiency or anaemia. Up to 25% of the world’s population suffers from iron deficiency, which  leads to severe exhaustion, fatigue, heart palpitations, learning disabilities and anaemia. 

Often, iron supplements have unwanted side effects such as digestive problems, nausea and even organ damage when the iron fails to be absorbed by the body before entering the digestive tract. The iron absorption rates of Ironic’s proteins are comparable to the iron in meat, which has the potential to increase iron efficiency for companies looking for ways to make their products fit predominantly plant-based diets.

The funding will be used for further R&D work, expanding the company’s patent portfolio, and optimizing the production process. The team is now looking for partners in the food and food supplement industry to work with.

“We want to help 2 billion people to prevent and recover from iron deficiency and anemia. The lack of iron is partly responsible for the performance gap between males and females, as women naturally lose iron regularly. The situation is widely unaddressed – a sad story that applies to many female health issues, iron deficiency not being an exception,” says Dr. Nélida Leiva Eriksson, CEO and founder of Ironic Biotech.

“I know what lack of iron can do to a person, as I was one of the millions of women suffering from it.”

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