Ovom Care secures €4.8M to personalise fertility care with AI

Ovum Care's founding team brings together a range of experience; it comprises comprising a reproductive clinician and researcher, an embryologist and an infertility patient.
Ovom Care secures €4.8M to personalise fertility care with AI

Analytics-led fertility care provider Ovom Care has raised €4.8M in Seed funding. Ovom Care combines reproductive care with advanced AI solutions, using historical and real-time patient data to train algorithms that function as medical decision support tools supporting clinicians and embryologists making personalised decisions for the patient. 

To date, the company has raised a total of €6.1 million and treated around 100 patients in a few months. They claim that using data-driven dynamic pricing ensures affordability of pregnancy services. The Seed funding will fuel the expansion of Ovom Care's groundbreaking services across Europe, including an upcoming launch of Ovom Care’s first directly owned clinic in Portugal toward the end of 2024. Additionally, the investment will accelerate enhancements to the Ovom’s AI platform, expand the company’s service offerings, and support ongoing research to deepen the understanding of reproductive health.

The round was led by Alpha Intelligence Capital and supported by Ananda Impact Ventures and Merantix. Terry Chou, a partner at Alpha Intelligence Capital, commented: “Before investing in Ovom Care, we have spent the year comparing various AI-enabled fertility solutions and assessment tools. Ovom being a digital-first AI-enabled clinic, has provided a great platform for different AI-powered fertility solutions to bring together their value, a collective intelligence revolutionising the reproductive care space.”

Investment Manager at Ananda Impact Ventures Mascha Bonk said: “Globally, 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 – experience infertility. For many, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) represents a beacon of hope on their journey to becoming a parent but presents considerable financial and emotional challenges, with treatment costs ranging from EUR 15-30k and success rates hovering around 35%. 

“With their revolutionary approach, Ovom Care is making treatments more successful, accessible, and patient-friendly. We are proud to support Ovom Care in their journey to build a future where family becomes a possibility for everyone.”

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