Pollen Careers raises £112,000 to diversify the job market

Pollen aims to reduce number of young non-graduates who are in low-skilled jobs or unemployed, currently at 80 percent.
Pollen Careers raises £112,000 to diversify the job market

Digital hiring and jobseeking platform Pollen Careers has raised £112,000 in Pre-Seed funding.

Pollen’s platform facilitates recruitment by offering entry-level jobseekers personalised support, skills and opportunities before connecting them with recruiters, as opposed to relaying information via a job description and CV. their argument is that the traditional CV process disadvantages those without work experience and prevents employers from being able to hire diversely.

The new funding will be used to scale operations to accommodate more employers, meet growing demand, automate processes and for product design, paving the way for future scalability.

‌Since its inception, Pollen Careers has built and supported a community of over 2,500 entry-level candidates and provided companies such as Cubitts, HPS Engineering, MyBigCareer, Kitt and more with entry-level talent.

‌Speaking on the funding round, founder of Pollen Careers Sophie O’Brien commented:

“For too long entry-level candidates have been faced with the chicken and egg scenario of requiring experience to secure a job, but needing a job to get experience, and judged based on where they received their education. Now, we’re eliminating those problems by encouraging employers to ditch the outdated method of CV screening, and hire talent based on their attitude, behaviour and potential. We’re also building a community for young people that empowers them with skills, confidence and support to thrive in the world of work, and land a role where they can shine.

‌“We’re incredibly thankful to all our investors for supporting Pollen Careers and look forward to bringing them on our journey to transform the entry-level job market into a more inclusive and equitable space, where everyone has the chance to succeed.”

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