'Mobilising private capital to address the world's greatest (climate) challenges': Carbon Equity CEO Jacqueline van den Ende is on a mission

We interviewed Jacqueline van den Ende, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Equity, a climate fund investment platform that's been making waves.

What made Jacqueline van den Ende decide to start climate fund investment platform Carbon Equity as a way to try and solve some of the world's greatest challenges - with private capital as the main driver?

It's the central theme of an enjoyable and insightful conversation we had with the Amsterdam-based company's affable co-founder and CEO, whose career spans entrepreneurship and PE/VC investment.

Born in early 2021, today Carbon Equity has more than €200 million in assets under management, has invested in more than 600 investment funds, and backed 100+ climate tech companies directly.

That's real impact, and the company is only getting started.

But what was the reasoning behind its founding (spoiler alert: a big part of it was a personal wake-up call thanks to a specific book), what is the team trying to accomplish, how unique are they in terms of positioning, and how far along on their journey are they now?

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