AI concerns and workplace dynamics - findings from the Scaleup Culture Report 2024

Younger generations view work differently, acknowledging remote capabilities, while businesses seek a balance between needs and preferences. The new "Scaleup Culture Report 2024" examines UK work trends, tech worker preferences, and AI's job impact.
AI concerns and workplace dynamics - findings from the Scaleup Culture Report 2024

As the world of work goes under significant changes driven by different factors, such as technological advancements, shifting attitudes towards work, and global events like wars, pandemics, and climate change, these changes are reshaping the workplace environment, communication methods, and the use of AI tools. Younger generations have different perspectives on work compared to previous ones. 

There's a growing recognition that work can be effectively conducted from various locations, thanks to digital technologies. However, there's no one-size-fits-all solution for how businesses approach the workplace, leading to ongoing discussions about finding the right balance between company needs and employee preferences.

A new „The Scaleup Culture Report 2024“ published by Techspace and supported by Operations Nation and Tech Nation, aims to explore the workplace culture trends among UK businesses, including the preferences of tech workers and the impact of AI on jobs, to understand the current state of work and anticipate future developments.

Compared to last year, the report found that employees want more days in the office each week. For example, Monday has made a comeback, almost doubling attendance across the UK since last year (57 per cent of the respondents used the office on Monday this year, compared to 30 per cent in 2023). Other popular days for work in the office are Tuesday and Wednesday while Friday remains the least favoured day to be in the office. 

The report also revealed that 79 per cent of UK tech professionals use flexible office space, showing an increase in 2024 compared to a year before. This comes as a result of companies' intentions to shift from longer-term leasehold agreements to more flexible contracts, as well as the full-time remote workers who use the coworking spaces. 

Another hot topic among the respondents was also the AI. As AI garners more attention in the global media and its technology continues to progress, employees are concerned about the possibility of AI replacing their roles. 

Among those who switched jobs within the last 18 months, 17 per cent cited AI as the reason for their job loss. In London, this percentage rose to 26 per cent. Moreover, the data highlights that larger companies, employing 250 or more individuals, are primarily affected by this trend.

For more insights and key takeaways, the Report can be downloaded here

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