Preqin and Measurabl partner to track properties' ESG compliance

Measurabl reports ESG data on more than 18 billion square feet of real estate across more than 93 countries.
Preqin and Measurabl partner to track properties' ESG compliance

Preqin and Measurabl have formed a partnership to provide a global dataset of real estate carbon and energy metrics to private markets. The joint endeavour aims to provide transparency and accountability in ESG data for privately held properties and portfolios.

Preqin is an analytics platform and Measurabl offers ESG technology for real estate using estimates derived from a proprietary machine learning model.. Their partnership will provide carbon emission estimates, energy usage estimates, and green building certificates for almost 100,000 privately held properties listed on Preqin’s platform. 

Private that have been historically opaque. Self-reported disclosures, lagged by a year or more and marred by inconsistent methodologies, often yield data that is incomparable across assets, funds, and managers for sustainability performance. The challenges of collecting asset-level data that is both auditable and trustworthy have generated a scarcity of credible ESG metrics for any financial professional who invests in, allocates to, or advises on alternatives.

Helping investment professionals navigate the sustainability risks and opportunities in private real estate.

With newfound access to granular carbon and energy metrics, industry professionals will be able to navigate sustainability risks and opportunities with precision, driving smarter investment decisions. Measurabl’s best-in-class estimation models will be seamlessly embedded into Preqin ESG Solutions datasets. The combined solution is set to help real estate investment professionals and multi-asset investors who seek a comprehensive view of their portfolio across asset classes. They can now gain insights into private firms’ sustainability strategies and policies.

Jaclyn Bouchard, EVP, Head of ESG Solutions & Corporate Responsibility at Preqin, commented “We are delighted to share that Preqin and Measurabl are entering a partnership set to create a new standard for sustainable data covering private real estate. Both firms share a common vision to enhance and deepen the quality of data that our clients and the wider industry need to truly ensure performance is consistently and accurately being measured. We look forward to working closely with our partner, as we break boundaries and move towards making the realm of ESG in private markets more transparent and better for industry participants who seek enhanced returns and balanced portfolios”. 

Matt Ellis, CEO at Measurabl, said “Real estate is the world’s largest asset class and also one of the most environmentally impactful, accounting for nearly 40% of global emissions, making an accurate understanding of climate impacts and risks critical. But, the daily changes in actual building performance and the nuances of tenant and landlord operations make carbon emissions calculations, among other key metrics, uncertain. This new partnership brings unparalleled transparency to real estate sustainability, leveraging Measurabl’s timeliness, granularity, and auditability of data, along with a consistent and comparable machine learning approach, to deliver accurate insights previously unavailable anywhere else.” 

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