Tech entrepreneur who ran for London mayoral builds "career guidance" product

Daniel Korski, a tech entrepreneur, says he is building a product to “democratise access to career guidance".
Tech entrepreneur who ran for London mayoral builds

A tech entrepreneur who ran to become the Conservative candidate for London mayor is building a product, which he says can “democratise access to career guidance”.

The Denmark-born Daniel Korski has had a “varied career”.

Korski has previously worked as deputy head of the Number 10 policy unit between 2013 and 2016, and was a campaigner for the UK to stay in the EU.

He is also a technology entrepreneur, who set up his own tech business, called Public, which provides support for companies seeking contracts in the public sector.

Korski also stood as a Conservative mayoral hopeful in the London 2024 elections but pulled out of the race following a complaint over his behaviour, an allegation he “categorically’ denied.

Korski gave details of his new venture in a LinkedIn post, posted yesterday.

He posted:

“I’ve had a real privilege of exploring very diverse professional paths and gaining many great experiences along the way.

“As a result, I've often had people reach out to me, seeking advice and guidance about different careers – what they entail, and how one might navigate the path to pursue them. 

“This has led me to ponder a fundamental issue: access to information and advice around careers is a privileged commodity, one that many individuals, especially those born without useful networks, parents who can help, role models in their neighbourhood, simply do not have.”

He said that over the past six months, he had been thinking about a solution to “this disparity at scale”.

Korski added:

“And have now begun to work on a product that can democratise access to career guidance, empowering individuals from all backgrounds to make informed decisions about their professional paths. Not just getting a job, finding the right career.”

He said he was building the product with three other experienced entrepreneurs, which have four exits between them.

He added: “Together, we hope to create a future where every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has access to the resources and support they need to pursue fulfilling careers that align with their aspirations and talents.” reached out to Korski for further details. Korski replied that it was “very eariy days”.

IMAGE: Andrea Piacquadio
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