Chift secures €2.3M in Seed funding for unified business software APIs

Chift simplifies business software integration for SaaS companies, saving them time, money, and resources.
Chift secures €2.3M in Seed funding for unified business software APIs

Chift, the Belgian provider of unified APIs for business software integrations, has secured €2.3 million in Seed funding. 

Integrations enable SaaS companies to connect to other software products - typically through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) - in order to augment the value for its users. 

As more business software applications continue to enter the market, it’s become increasingly important and challenging for SaaS companies to create, maintain and monitor integrations with relevant third-party software vendors. 

Chift saves SaaS companies and developers valuable time, money and resources by helping them manage the complexity of business software integrations through unified APIs which give them access to several software connections with only one integration. This empowers them to focus on their core product offering, enhance their competitive advantage, increase their Total Addressable Market, and foster collaboration within the fintech ecosystem. 

According to Henry Hertoghe, CTO of Chift:

“By integrating with Chift, SaaS allows their clients — often SMEs — to connect their financial tools with a single click. It is a game-changer in terms of productivity.” 

Entourage led the funding, which included Shapers, Seeder Fund, and business angels who are fintech industry leaders from Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Spain. 

Pieterjan Bouten, General Partner and founder of Entourage shared: 

“In addition to the drive and vision of the founders, we consider Chift to perfectly align with our global AI strategy aimed at interconnecting the flourishing landscape of AI-driven accounting and financial tools.”  

Chift plans to recruit new people for each role of the company and to double its team by 2025. 

Lead image: Chift founders. Photo: uncredited. 

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