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Igniting exchange at VDS: Insights from Patricia Pastor

Patricia explained how VDS, the international tech event organised by Startup Valencia, continues to bring together founders and investors concerned with global impact.

As Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences prepares to host the seventh edition of VDS, Patricia Pastor, GP at Next Tier Ventures and VDS Chairwoman, illustrated the intersection of creativity and technical expertise within Valencia's tech ecosystem.

Highlighting the city's potential as a bridge between Latin America, the US and Europe, she explained how the VDS team cultivates conversation to reconcile the needs and expectations of international tech communities and empower startups with a global outlook.

The conversation dives deep into what AI startups need across different regions, strategies to balance safety with innovation and the meticulous process of selecting standout startups for VDS' competition.

Patricia highlighted the prominence of sectors like sustainability, agritech, healthcare, AI, and energy within Valencia's tech sphere.

“Valencia is very well connected with Europe, Latin America and the US, making it an ideal hub for tech innovation,” Patricia noted. She explored different focuses investors have when evaluating AI startups across Europe, the US, and Latin America, such as compliance with data privacy in Europe and market potential in the US.

Addressing the balance between safety and innovation, she emphasized VDS's role in bringing together influential figures to share their knowledge and support founders: “VDS helps startups by facilitating networks and connections that are crucial for their success."

As AI comes to dominate so many tech events this year, VDS is careful to foster valuable conversations and avoid hype: “We prioritise speakers with a track record of practical implementation and real-world results.”

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