LiveEO secures €25M to analyse climate data from satellites

Aggregated satellite data can monitor the effects of climate change, spot evolving vegetation patterns and identify system movements.
LiveEO secures €25M to analyse climate data from satellites

Berlin-based LiveEO has raised €25M to leverage AI-powered satellite data for critical infrastructure and climate risk management.

LiveEO uses high-resolution satellite data and proprietary algorithms to generate accurate, timely, and actionable insights that help critical infrastructure operators manage climate risks and resilience. The recent funding round follows LiveEO’s tripling growth in 2023 and will accelerate development.

LiveEO uses satellite technology – including multispectral and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to deliver high-resolution, analytics – with advanced AI to convert the incredible trove of EO data into usable formats. It can help businesses detect and respond to extreme weather events and deforestation in near real-time, and monitor and manage environmental risks that affect infrastructure, such as vegetation encroachment on power lines or ground deformation near railways. Also, it can help companies reduce their carbon footprint, remain compliant in the face of ever-evolving regulations and increase their climate resilience.

Satellite data can monitor the effects of climate change, spot evolving vegetation patterns, identify system movements, and more. Yet because it’s fragmented, raw and sourced from multiple satellites, it’s difficult for industries to understand and integrate. Not to mention the inaccuracies that can come from open-source solutions, coupled with the frequency and severity of climate-related events creating a critical need for advanced solutions, with the Earth Observation market predicted to be worth $14.6 billion by 2034, up from $6.8 billion in 2024. 

LiveEO’s platform is used by Europe’s largest railway operator, Deutsche Bahn to safeguard its assets, has helped a Nigerian pipeline operator tackle oil theft and reduce million-dollar losses and helped to curb illegal logging in Moldova. Yet all industries stand to benefit from LiveEO’s ability to monitor vast or remote areas simply, quickly and reliably, with partners including Accenture, AWS and SAP and customers including EON, Iberdrola and Network Rail.

Daniel Seidel, co-founder and co-CEO of LiveEO, commented: “Our mission at LiveEO is to harness the power of satellite data to protect our planet and make industries more sustainable. The new funding will accelerate this mission and enable us to continue helping businesses worldwide face the growing list of climate, environmental, technological and regulatory risks. We see EU deforestation regulation (EUDR) as creating the first mass market with millions of users for EO analytics, besides weather and we’re providing a solution that scales automatically in TradeAware. This is not just for the benefit of our customers’ bottom lines but for the benefit of all of mankind and our planet.” 

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