Robotics startup Cartken raises $22.5M to advance autonomous navigation

Cartken’s tech combines AI and computer vision enabling robots to operate both indoors and outdoors, significantly boosting operational efficiency and productivity.
Robotics startup Cartken raises $22.5M to advance autonomous navigation

German-founded robotics navigation software startup Cartken has raised $22.5 million in aggregate funding with the latest $10 million financing round.

Existing mobile robot solutions in last-mile delivery and industrial settings are often restricted to specific environments, struggling with transitions between indoor and outdoor settings. 

Cartken’s autonomous navigation system removes these limitations, effortlessly navigating diverse environments such as industrial complexes, production facilities, college and office campuses, and neighbourhoods.

Cartken’s hardware-agnostic software platform utilises low-cost, commoditised sensors and cameras instead of expensive LIDAR systems. It enables multiple vehicle types to operate safely around pedestrians and employees, safely sharing walkways and interacting with traffic from cars and other vehicles.

Since its inception, Cartken has completed hundreds of thousands of deliveries, averaging 36,000 deliveries per month. 

In 2023 alone, it saved employees over 10,000 hours in transportation time. Serving some of the largest players in the OEM, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and chemical sectors across the United States, Germany, Denmark, and Japan, Cartken is also fully integrated with delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Grubhub.

Recently, Cartken launched operations in Tokyo, Japan, partnering with Uber Eats and Mitsubishi Electric.

“This investment accelerates Cartken’s path towards a future where self-driving technology is ubiquitous across most transport applications,” said Christian Bersch, Co-Founder and CEO of Cartken. 

“Our mission is to make this new technology accessible to companies across industries, so they can automate their operations, improve productivity, and ensure employee safety.”

468 Capital led the round, with participation from Incubate Fund, LDV Partners and Vela Partners alongside global mobility technology leaders including Magna International, Mitsubishi Electric, Shell Ventures, and Volex.

According to Bernhard Janke and Bardo Droege, partners at 468 Capital: 

“Cartken’s approach to autonomous navigation systems is set to revolutionise industrial automation and last-mile delivery. 

We are thrilled to support a team that combines deep technical expertise with a clear vision for the future of autonomous unmanned vehicles for and out of Europe. We believe that Cartken’s approach gives us a clear glimpse into the future.”

This investment allows Cartken to rapidly grow in new verticals, driving the future of industrial automation and last-mile delivery.

Lead image: Cartken. Photo: uncredited.

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