Solar car company Squad Mobility receives €1.35M grant

This funding is part of a larger €12 million tender won by the GIANTS consortium.
Solar car company Squad Mobility receives €1.35M grant

Dutch Solar car company Squad Mobility has been granted €1,35 million as part of a  as part of a €12 million tender won by the GIANTS consortium. 

Squad Mobility was founded in 2019 by Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok. Both are former Lightyear employees with a long track record in the motorcycle and automotive industries.

Its created The SQUAD, a compact and affordable solar car that charges itself on direct solar energy through an integrated solar panel on the roof.The vehicle’s solar panel charges up to 22 km extra range on sunny days in the Netherlands. The four swappable and portable batteries provide a range of 100 km, excluding solar.  It retails for a mere $6250 (excl. tax) and can be pre-ordered. .

The company has also developed a distributed Microfactory concept in which the SQUAD will be assembled in factories worldwide, in local markets close to customers.

In this way, transportation costs and environmental impact can be minimised through efficient flat-pack supply chain logistics while combining the assembly with a local spare parts storage and hub. Additionally, local supply of components will be sought and increased. 

GIANTS is a €12 million-funded Horizon Europe project that aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility solutions to both emerging and advanced markets. 

Specifically, GIANTS aims to develop frugal (economical, without excessive features) vehicles / mobility solutions based on user demand. This will be built on a set of technological solutions that allow the production of L5,L6,and L7 class Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) suited to provide urban traffic solutions. The approach offers modularity, scalability, interoperability, and features innovative charging and energy optimisation solutions.

The consortium consists of 23 EU partners, including Renault, Toyota Europe and Valeo.

Vehicle Integrated Solar PV and swappable battery applications are at the core of the solutions to be developed. GIANTS is seeking feedback in a survey on light EVs.

Lead image: Squad Moblity. Photo: uncredited.

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