Israeli startup Anima raises $2.5 million for no-code software used by Google, Facebook and Amazon


Israeli startup Anima has raised $2.5 million for its SaaS-grade no code platform that’s used by teams at Google, Facebook, Amazon and other famous global brands. The seed funding comes from Hetz Ventures and Israeli angel investor Zohar Gilon.

Anima is a design-to-code solution that delivers code fit for enterprise SaaS. Other tools on the market, such as Webflow, are suited for personal or small business websites, the startup says.

The platform is built for ‘co-development’ between design/product teams and front-end/engineering teams — but both sides get to stick with their existing tools and tech stacks. Designers continue their work with Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD, then use the Anima plug-in to export the code. Similarly, developers can work with whatever frameworks they’re already using. 

Ultimately the software provides 80-100 percent of the code that will head to the production servers, accelerating delivery and reducing a lot of team tension.

Founded in 2017 by Avishay and Michal Cohen (CEO and CPO, respectively) and Or Arbel (CTO), the startup has 15 employees based in Tel Aviv and New York City. Other high-profile customers include Bloomberg, Cisco, Samsung, LG, BOSCH, Walmart, HP, ebay and Starbucks — and the list goes on.

Pavel Livshiz, Partner at Hetz Ventures, commented: “We’ve been proactively looking for a company that pushes the No Code space to the professional end of the front-end design spectrum. Avishay, Or and Michal have that vision and have demonstrated they also have the product chops to make that happen with Anima.”

Photo: co-founders Or Arbel, Michal Cohen and Avishay Cohen

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