Belgian startup SweepBright that’s working on a mobile platform for real estate agents has landed €2.3 million from Cennini Holdings, QuaeroQ, and private investors. The company’s existing investors Volta Ventures, Pieterjan Bouten, Louis Jonckheere, and Jeroen Lemaire also participated in the round.

SweepBright’s platform allows real estate agents to quickly and conveniently create, distribute and follow up on listing from the smartphone. It targets what it calls “next-generation real estate agencies,” which increasingly use technology solutions in order to maximise productivity.

“The future belongs to real estate agencies who are able to make the shift to increased productivity, a better customer experience and more robust digital marketing,” said Raphael Bochner, CEO at SweepBright. “This trend is already very visible in countries such as the US. But even in Belgium, there are several agencies—including a few newcomers—who have high ambitions with this approach.”

Currently, SweepBright has offices in Antwerp and New York. In the near future, the company plans to expand to Mexico and Australia through partnerships with the classified website Segundamano and the Real Estate Institute Queensland, respectively.

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