Apres, a startup based between Portugal and the US, has raised a $1.5 million seed round to bring its ‘explainable AI’ solution to market. European early-stage VCs Faber and Adara co-led the round, with participation from Techstars and local angels.

Apres helps create non-technical and technical teams communicate about what’s happening with their artificial intelligence. AI teams can input the model they already have, and the SaaS tool translates the model’s behavior into a language everyone else can understand — hence the phrase “explainable AI”.

The tool also helps verify the value of certain AI models. Reports and insights are generated for management, contextualising each piece of data and model decision according to set business goals.

“Companies should not have to choose between AI performance and transparency,” says Matt Waite, the startup’s CEO.

Founded in 2018, Apres has offices in Lisbon and San Francisco. In spring 2020 the team participated in Techstars Lisbon.

Photo: Co-founder and CEO Matt Waite

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