Belgian firm Astanor Ventures raises $325 million impact fund to back agri-food tech startups

Astanor Ventures

With its new $325 million impact fund, Brussels-based Astanor Ventures is seeking European and North American startups — across food, agriculture and ocean tech — who want to solve systemic challenges across the food system and build businesses that thrive with nature, rather than exploit it.

The Belgian VC says the fund is borne of the team’s love of food, cross-sector expertise and belief in agriculture’s power to regenerate the planet and curb climate change.

“It’s never been clearer that there’s a direct connection between the food that we eat and the environment that we live in. When one part of the ecosystem that connects farmers, consumers, livestock, rivers, seas, soil, plants and air becomes damaged, all parts suffer,” said Eric Archambeau, co-founder and partner of the firm.

“We are looking for those passionate, driven entrepreneurs who understand that food production has become disconnected from the soil and its microbiome, with horrible consequences for the planet,” he added.

Investments aren’t limited to any particular stage of growth. Initial cheques have gone to French insect protein producer, Ÿnsect (which just closed a whopping $372 million Series C), German vertical vegetable farmer, InFarm and farm-to-table platform, La Ruche Qui Dit Oui.

Since its founding in 2017, Astanor has invested in over 20 European and US startups working toward agri-food sustainability. Within its network, the VC counts entrepreneurs, impact investors, farmers, chefs, policy makers, food scientists and high-profile sector experts.

Photo: Astanor Ventures team

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