Berlin-based Blacklane raises €22 million, beefs up ride hailing and green travel initiatives

Berlin-based chauffeur service Blacklane has raised €22 million from existing investors, and plans to beef up its local and regional ride service as well as green travel.

This fresh round of cash comes just three weeks after the announcement of Blacklane’s jump into the ride hailing game, and six weeks after the majority stake investment in London’s all-electric chauffeur service Havn.

“The global travel and mobility industries have suffered, with several players struggling between drastic cuts, hibernation or ceasing operations. Blacklane has taken the opportunity to cater to travelers’ emerging needs,” said Dr. Jens Wohltorf, CEO and co-founder of Blacklane. “Thanks to this financing, we will continue to fast-track our innovation, with zero layoffs.”

The company has been able to weather the storm through some effective moves including an intercity fare programme which introduced a flat travel rate and allowed passengers to avoid crowds and boarding procedures of mass travel.

The relatively new ride hailing programme signals that Blacklane is going head to head with Uber, but with a twist: set fares calculated by distance only, thus eliminating the dreaded pricing surge when demand spikes.

And looking forward, Blacklane’s investment in Havn pushes them into the first carbon-neutral ride service worldwide. The company reports that this year it will offset its carbon emissions from 2016 back to its 2011 founding.

“Worldwide travel restrictions give us a one-time chance to reset our expectations for safe and sustainable trips,” said Wohltorf. “Blacklane will recover responsibly and continue to grow while caring for both people and the planet.”

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