Danish startup BotXO scores €4 million to bolster its conversational AI tech for businesses

Exclusive: BotXO, the Danish startup developing AI chatbot technology for businesses, has closed a €4 million funding round led by Seed Capital and The Danish Growth Fund.

The company’s no-code platform enables businesses of all sizes – primarily e-commerce companies – to use conversational AI and machine learning to accelerate their growth and engage more efficiently with customers.

BotXO was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen and quickly expanded to Madrid, Spain.

“We are at the dawn of a new era, where the role of technology is to understand human language, make the customer journey as easy as possible, and provide immediate support,” said Henrik Fabrin. “Our customers have seen spectacular business results so far, and we are now ready to help them to reap the benefits of the conversational web as fast as possible.”

The company claims a database of 24.000+ pre-made, industry-specific sentences and more than 1 billion variations, across a wide variety of languages.

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