Customer analytics startup ciValue raises $2.4 million seed round

Jonathan Keane

Jonathan Keane

Freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland covering tech news, funding, and exits

Israel’s ciValue, which develops cloud-based customer analytics tools for retailers, has raised $2.4 million in a new seed round.

Nielsen Innovate, Mac Fund, Deutsche Telekom participated in the round. Hub:raum has previously invested in the startup.

ciValue’s self-service cloud-based analytics tool uses proprietary algorithms and is aimed at retailers in the grocery, health, and beauty sectors to engage with and understand their customers better through analysing their “Retail DNA” and gathering valuable insights.

“As a former enterprise CRM executive I’m painfully aware of the massive investments that retailers make just to enable basic use of their own data. With ciValue, we believe in putting customer science in a box, and giving control of that box to marketers, and through them, giving value to suppliers,” said Beni Basel, CEO of ciValue and founder of Ingeneo Technologies.

"We now have valuable insights at our fingertips, along with the ability to apply them dynamically to personalized campaigns, and a platform for collaboration with our suppliers,” said Hilla Milo, director of personal marketing at Super-Pharm, one of ciValue’s customers.

“ciValue's solution helps us achieve and even improve the lift we expect personalization to deliver in customer visit frequency, loyalty, and overall revenue,” she added.

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