London’s Codility raises $22 million Series A after ten years of bootstrapped global growth


Codility, a London-based tech recruitment platform, has raised a $22 million Series A led by Oxx and Kennet Partners. Bootstrapped since 2009, the company will use its first round of funding to continue strengthening engineering teams at high-growth companies such as Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Slack, and United Health.

“The best and brightest brands are expected to rapidly optimize and scale their products or services and, therefore, engineering teams, in a way that keeps pace with growth,” said Natalia Panowicz, CEO of Codility.

“The biggest bottleneck to achieving this lies in sourcing, screening, and interviewing. This is where Codility comes in. We allow businesses to deliver great experiences to the developer, the hiring team, and the candidates — ultimately increasing the overall engineering capacity,” she explained.

Codility’s assessment engine uses machine learning to assess technical ability at 360-degrees, helping hiring managers predict and match candidate potential to the scope of the role. With capabilities for code testing, live editing, training, and competition, the platform can measure performance, skill gaps, and speed on many levels.

Just last year, Codility helped 1,500 customers screen and interview over 455,000 candidates, a number that has been growing by 54 percent year over year. The company also grew their task library by 100 percent and achieved 10 times return on investment.

The UK company, which also has offices in Warsaw and San Francisco, plans to keep this trajectory with the substantial Series A investment.

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