The founders and CEOs of Delivery Hero, Bolt, Glovo, and Wolt have joined forces to work on a better model for regulating platform companies with the aim of providing specific commitments and recommendations to governments.

Building on the Statement of Principles, the European Purpose Project will draft a code of conduct and playbook of best regulatory practices and over the course of this summer (June – August), with the four are now actively seeking public input. A finalised document is expected to be prepared by the 1st of September.

“Platform work and the platform economy are the sources for innovation, employment, and economic growth. In order for these benefits to emerge, it is necessary to develop an ecosystem around these platforms that mirrors the essential European values,” comments Bolt CEO Markus Villig.

“Together, we want to establish better governance of working conditions, labour practices, and social rights for all workers, regardless of their employment status. We need regulation that recognizes the unique output and benefits of the digital economy for all, and we invite other companies to join us and be a part of this important conversation,” adds Glovo co-founder Sacha Michaud.

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