Delivery Hero promises two weeks’ pay to quarantined freelance riders, with €3 million financial support program

Delivery Hero

German food delivery company Delivery Hero has announced a €3 million financial support program to enable its subsidiaries, across 43 countries, to protect riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Berlin-based company says the funds will “cover up to 15 days of compensation for lost income for freelance riders who have been positively diagnosed with COVID-19 or put in quarantine.” Freelance riders typically do not have insurance protection for loss of income.

“In establishing the Rider Support Program, the ultimate goal is that freelance riders suffering from the spread of COVID-19 receive financial assistance during this difficult time,” said Emmanuel Thomassin, CFO at Delivery Hero.

The announcement comes two weeks after the delivery service implemented cashless payment, no-contact policies and other hygiene stipulations worldwide. In high risk areas, riders might receive hand sanitizer and masks.

The company, which is a global network of nearly 30 brands that partner with over 500,000 restaurants, said it will monitor the impact of the pandemic and increase the support program’s funding, if needed.

Photo: Delivery Hero CEO Niklas Östberg

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