UK startup Dorm raises $1 million to launch online ‘university’ for the passion economy


New London startup Dorm has raised $1 million to create an education platform for people in the ‘passion economy’, i.e. influencers, content creators and online entrepreneurs who monetise their personalities, skills and hobbies. The funding comes from Plug & Play Ventures, Playfair Capital and RLC Ventures.

“As online channels present real earning opportunities, we move into an era where the vast proportion of us undertake jobs to fulfill our creative passions. The rise of platforms like Twitch, YouTube and Instagram have already started enabling these roles, but this is just the beginning,” says Taras Polischuk, the startup’s co-founder.

“As these careers grow, we must create an education system that supports them.”

Launching today in the UK and US, the platform will use podcasts and other content from popular entrepreneurs, YouTubers and venture capitalists to guide students on how to launch their own careers in these fields, says the startup. Featured guests include the founder of Snapchat.

Dorm is also set to roll out a premium offering early next year that allows these teachers to create their own schools, envisioning the first ‘university’ for the passion economy.

Photo: Founders Ranbir Arora and Taras Polischuk

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