Dublin’s antiviral coating nanotech startup Kastus raises €5.6 million

There’s one thing for sure, a global pandemic woke the entire world up to just how viruses are transmitted. I for one spent years walking around conferences with gloves on and antibac in my back pocket, while others looked on in disbelief. Seeking to spare me the gloves and the gel, Dublin-based startup Kastus has raised €5.6 million in its efforts to further drive the expansion of its light-powered antiviral surface protection tech. That’s a lot of jargon, let me simplify: Kastus makes antiviral/antimicrobial surface coatings for touch screens and other glass surfaces. No more antibacterial swabbing of your phone screen every so often, Kastus is building the, “Hey germs, no thanks” protection into the screen coating itself. Huzzah! Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur John Browne, Kastus already has 44 global patents either granted or pending, and has seen demand from Lenovo, Lavazza, and Kone. Browne, no stranger to innovative glass, having founded electronically switchable architectural glass firm SmartGlass comments, “Our unique 24/7 surface coating technology is ISO proven to kill 99%+ of harmful bacteria and viruses including human coronavirus.” The Series A round was led by Alpha Ascent Ventures and saw existing investors Atlantic Bridge Capital, Carragh Holdings, and Enterprise Ireland all continuing their support.
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