Dutch startup Aiir Innovations has recently secured half a million euros in funding from Mainport Innovation Fund II, which is an initiative of Schiphol, KLM, TU Delft, NS and the Port of Amsterdam.

As the fund focuses on accelerating innovations in logistics, aviation, and transport, partnering with Aiir was an easy decision to help the company improve their software and grow.

The recent funding is intended to develop artificial intelligence inspection software for aircraft engine damages. As mechanics inspect each component, the software will help them detect anomalies such as cracks, dents, and other miscellaneous pieces. With the airline industry increasing in safety precautions and time restraints, the new software will help reduce inspection time by 25%. Co-founder Bart Vredebregt also states that “all information is immediately processed into a digital report”, saving the company precious time as they plan for expansion.

Aiir Innovations will also be “using the investment of half a million euros to continue our expansion abroad” and further improve the product in the coming years. The co-founder also lists expected challenges for the future such as certifications for their artificial intelligence products, meeting laws and regulations in aviation, and implementing the products on a large scale.

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