Dutch sea freight logistics startup Shypple raises €1.7 million


Rotterdam-based startup Shypple that markets itself as the “Booking.com for sea freight” has raised €1.7 million in funding from a regional development fund Brabantse Ontwikkelmaatschappij (BOM), August Ventures, and private investors. Patrick Kerssemakers from August Ventures will also join Shypple as an advisor.

“Shypple solves a problem a lot of importers and exporters experience daily: sea freight is often coupled with non-transparent costs and a very diffuse transport process,” Kerssemakers said. “Shypple tackles these common issues with a smart solution that reminds me of the ease of use of online platforms like Booking.com.”

Shypple provides its customers with an easy-to-use dashboard to track their shipments and suggests the most cost-efficient routes. Worldwide, Shypple connects more than 800 ports.

In addition to the tracking and booking platform, Shypple has launched a communication tool tailored for the sea freight industry.

“We’ve had some stellar feedback to it, as this chat functionality tied to each shipping enables a more seamless collaboration,” said Shypple founder Jarell Habets. “Often more than eight people are involved with a shipment, from purchasing to logistics and warehousing. At long last, we have provided the industry with a powerful tool that purveys efficient communication.”

The company is planning to use the fresh capital injection to further improve its product offering and enter the air freight market in the near future.

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