Finnish programmatic video advertising company Thirdpresence has acquired video platform Flowplayer. Together, the companies plan to develop a contextual video and advertising product under the brand of Flowplayer led by former Thirdpresence CEO Valtteri Pukander.

Thirdpresence has developed a video advertising that supposedly solves the fraud issues in the industry by applying AI algorithms. By acquiring Flowplayer, which lists HBO, Universal, Televisa, and Disney among its clients, the company wants to apply its analysis in the player itself.

“By applying contextual data analysis driven directly from the video player, we want to create the right video engagement metrics that give a true and meaningful overview for content owners,” Pukander said. “The combined solution uses newly created metadata directly from the video to improve the viewing experience through better video recommendations and advertisements. Importantly, our purpose-built algorithms also help advertisers to reduce ad waste.”

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