Umbra, a Finnish 3D graphics production company, has launched its cloud solution with a toolset for enterprise customers, allowing to structure terabytes of 3D datasets and stream the models to consumer devices. The company’s end goal is to make it possible for anyone to scan their surroundings in 3D using a camera, drone, or a smartphone.

Founded in 2006, Umbra has been working in the 3D graphics space with gamedev studios across the world. This is when it came up with its way of structuring, storing, and efficiently streaming of 3D data.

According to the company, this is how the streamed data scanned with enterprise-grade tools looks like:

Umbra’s focus for the foreseeable future is to make high-quality 3D scanning available for the consumer market. The company claims that it would also give users full control of their uploaded 3D content within its ecosystem.

“Eventually our tools will enable anyone to be part of crowdsourcing and the usage of the high-resolution scan of the entire planet, opening up endless possibilities for both enterprises and individual users,” says Otso Makinen, CEO & Co-founder of Umbra.

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