French-German startup Doctolib that has built a popular doctor appointment platform has acquired another French company that does exactly that—MonDocteur. The deal, the amount of which has not been disclosed, puts the new group among the biggest platforms of this kind in the world.

The consolidated company will consist of all 600 employees of MonDocteur and Doctolib. The other combined stats include 20 million patient visits per months, 55,000 doctors, and 1,200 healthcare facilities.

“Our missions have been the same since day one: making our healthcare system more human, efficient and connected and building a company of several thousand people sharing the same humanist values,” said Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Doctolib co-founder and CEO. “Joining our forces with MonDocteur will enable us to invest more in our products and services and, above all in our teams. This is the very beginning of the adventure.”

Following the acquisition, the group plans to grow to 1,000 employees across its offices in Paris and Berlin within the next two years. It will focus on the French and German markets where Doctolib currently operates.

In the photo: Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Doctolib co-founder and CEO

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